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I’m Emma. A digital creative and copywriter, I work mainly in advertising. I have 6 years experience in London agencies; Skive, Team Saatchi, Weapon 7, Impero, FRUKT and OgilvyOne. I specialise in copywriting, content creation and creative concepting. I was lucky enough to be featured in The Drum’s 30 under 30 in advertising and in my spare time I am a board member of the Young Creative Council. We are a collective of young creatives who put on talks, workshops and crit nights for other young people in advertising. If it sounds like I could help you out with something creative or if you have any questions, drop me a line and say hi using:

For team briefs I work with my AD Shelly Coyle, our book lives at:
Shelly has over 10 years experience in the industry, she and I used to be colleagues at OgilvyOne and we worked together on a few briefs in our time there too.

This, that I’m loosely referring to as a ‘blog’ is a collection of ad chat, interests, art, attempted poetry and ramblings. I’m a terrible cliché with an unhealthy fascination with Greggs the bakers and peanut butter. I am also writing my first novel, which I’m hoping to have published 2017/18

*all idiocy comes directly from me. Nobody else. Ya get me.