by emmalikesandwrites

OK. I was in two minds to publish this post as any attention poisonous Liz Jones gets, good, bad or otherwise seems to feed her rabid ego. Gobbling up any and all attention it gets like the little mouth in Alien. She to me, is a modern evil. A demon.

If I were to list every wrong I’d read from her I’d be here far too long and I just cannot justify spending that much time on this woman. But she does make my blood run cold, she doesn’t make me angry, she makes me sick. Her hoity-toity view from up there on her self-placed pedestal must make her dizzy, but that is no excuse for her venomous and disparaging remarks about other females (this time Kate Moss) sound like nothing more than the notions of a mad, bitter, badly educated person.

Her opinion though, is amplified by the media (I saw the article because someone tweeted it) and to me this is the most worrying thing, there will be some people who WILL be cajoled into thinking she has a point that “oh my god Kate Moss is getting old and oh my god look how gross she is without a soft lens filter and a clever designer with an airbrush” – she is proud to tear strips off other people, she is proud of her point-and-laugh style articles, she is proud of her poison.

For a start, she’s Kate fucking Moss. If I look like that when I’m 40 and I’m not ashamed to show what I really look like on a beach whilst chilling the fuck out, praise be.

I’d like to address you directly now Liz, woman to woman.

Yes the beauty and model industry IS false and IS based on fakery, this is no big secret. But Kate Moss is not solely to blame for this is she Liz? To deserve being attacked so personally with what you thought were very clever headings in your article. Headings such as “A BLOBBY BOTTOM” & “LOW-SLUNG BREASTS”.

For a woman who finds herself in the enviable position of having some influence over others with what they write in the media, you should be ashamed of yourself Liz Jones. Truly ashamed.