by emmalikesandwrites

Car ads are pretty vom-inducing anyway. As they all tend to be regurgitations that riff on something else utterly vile, sexist or so slap-in-the-face obvious your intelligence feels truly insulted.
Most recent example of this was the Hyundai advert that made a funny out of suicide, pretty crass and I imagine pretty upsetting for people who have experience anything of this nature.

This KIA shit isn’t that bad, but i’m not sure anything will top that Hyundai advert, unless BMW decide they are against gay marriage or Ford start beheading people in their ads to show how stain-resistant their interiors are. But none-the-less KIA hang your heads in shame. This quirky-poetry-wordplay vibe needs to die. It’s not funny or clever and from both male and female side the people just sound like try hard idiots who happily rinse the company credit card on £12 cocktails in Mahiki and spout off this kind of BS as chat up lines.

Get a fucking grip KIA, Australia and car ads of the future.

I sent round a couple of peeps at work and got this as a response. YES. Spot on George Carlin.

Sometimes I am ashamed of what I do for a living.