Trendy yeah?

by emmalikesandwrites

NO NO NO NO NO – Fuck this shit. I’m going nuclear.

I’m no stark feminist. I’ll be honest. But It is a big part of my life, something that I feel very strongly about. I’m from a family of strong women and I’ve always been taught very clearly the importance of feminism.

Outraged by the article in Stylist this morning. Made me feel deeply nauseous.


I resent it being referred to as ‘a trend’.

How disgusting. A movement as large and historic as feminism should NEVER be referred to in such flimsy, unsupported, meagre and down-right vile terms as ‘trend’ and ‘fashion’. Made my blood boil.
Feminism is ALWAYS relevant and has NEVER been a fucking trend. It’s an ongoing and very real fight. I’m not even going to be entertain the angle of Stylists defence. I predict it goes like this – ‘we’re just trying to get more women in to feminism’ – Bullshit! I can smell it from here!

Feminism should be being taught more rigorously in schools to insure that the next generation grow up clued-up. Not touting it in some grubby rush hour tube mag fodder for the masses as a ‘trend’. It has no backbone, no substance no fucking clue it seems. The issues are deep and SHOULD NOT be made light of.

Being a feminist is what you choose to make of it, sure, there are some basic things to adhere to:

Stick up for yourself.
Be passionate about it.
Have a vagina and a loud hailer.

That last one is for lols just to try and keep what could turn into a venomous one-sided rant into a teetering on the precipice instead.

OK seriously now.

To me, it means being aware and getting involved in issues that ring true to you and talking about it. Don’t stay silent, stick up for yourself and those around you. Try not to be intimidated and be confident that your talents match that of a man.

Working in advertising you do unfortunately come across this kind of thing a fair bit. One of the worst I’ve ever had was a response to a perefctly normal “just popping to Boots, be back in a sec”

The response?

“heavy flow is it?”


That is downright rude and pretty outrageous.

Don’t read Stylist, I urge you. They have proved beyond a doubt today that they are highly cretinous and haven’t a clue. Read this by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich instead and learn about the history of feminism and some great women who along way shaped the movement. Hell, you can even borrow my copy.