Testing out ways to hang a cat.

by emmalikesandwrites

Is the best way to describe my experience(s) with agency/client interaction.

Brands and clients who shall remain nameless (for now).

So I expect you’re all questioning why you read this inane shite that I publish? I would be.
What I mean by ‘testing out ways to hang a cat’ is the following:

The poor cat gets hanged whatever the outcome. The ending is bad for the cat no matter how you try and skew it. What I mean by this is the following – the idea is shit and the outcome will be shit no matter how we try and play it.

We shouldn’t ever hang cats. If there is ever a possibility that a cat will be hanged (a shit idea will make it to fruition). We should stop the cat from even having the rope put round its neck.

Some things in this industry fucking infuriate me.