A tad

by emmalikesandwrites

Pleased with myself.

After yesterday and writing that post. I was itching to do something. I started to build myself a little one pager that contains all the links to my online presence. Something I started ages ago but flitted onto something else. I had a think about my online morality and deleted a few things and brought everything up to date. It’s still not fully finished and I’m going to do more bits to the design and make myself some sort of logo, something better than a picture of my seven year old self taking a nap behind a napkin.

Building shit, pressing refresh, seeing it works. Nothing better. Admittedly it is a template that Im editing, but what do I look like, a fucking dev?

All of my internet self now lives in a neat little box here:


Next hurdle (the beta phase): Have a clear out in my goddamn room. I own far too much shit.