by emmalikesandwrites

…. Is bliss?

I would say not. Of course it isn’t. It’s so easy in this digital era to find something out, learn something new, have your mind changed or get to the bottom of something by simply turning to Google. Often rows in my house are settled by Google. Google is the impartial third party, the go to person. The internet has become the mediator, the argument settler, font of knowledge and comparable to the level-headed friend who used to sit you down and ‘give you a talking to’ but in a much more succinct way (and without the 20 vodkas that usually lead to these disagreements).

It’s hard to be truly ignorant, I mean it really is. We are surrounded by interesting data, we consume it without even knowing. It’s palpable and vast. The internet has clever people coming out of its arse. Which I thoroughly under appreciate. I am often guilty of not computing or not spending enough time doing something. It stems from a great impatience and a hatred of reading instructions which is systemically plumbed into my DNA (cheers mother). This projects itself onto my personal projects. I flit. In a way I have up until this point been if you like, mega ignorant.

The realms of the internet that I hang around in do suit my kind of goldfish concentration but with having more free time these days, I’m not just out for a quick fix of something funny. I find myself being crept up on by my own ignorance. Googling things that I really should know. I get the nagging feeling that actually I’m missing out on a vast amount. Stuff (technical term) that I am actually quite passionate about.

So, I’m going to make a bit of a promise here. To direct my enthusiasm, my energy and my knowledge towards something else. Learning. For a start I’m not doing too badly at this one post a day thing. Baby steps people, baby steps.

In a very humble way, I’m going to make myself look a little deeper. Starting with this 

Ignorance is not bliss.

Also, I fucking loved this post . I might even write a full post about it tomorrow after I’ve read it a couple of times, soaked it in fully and considered my own online morality.