She Says speed mentoring

by emmalikesandwrites

Hello everyone! So on Thursday night I toddled along to a speed mentoring event held by She Says uk. For anyone familiar with she Says will know how excited I was to be invited along to represent YCC (As I’m now the only female member of our merry troop). For all those who are unfamiliar with what She Says do then you need to get up to speed, where have you been?! Kidding, but you should definitely check out their site

I was SUPER nervous when I had to introduce myself to a room full of eyeballs looking at me and talk about YCC to a packed room, but after the first couple of wobbly minutes I got my shit together and my first mentoring session was packed (which I loved).
The format of the event last night worked brilliantly, it was a slick operation and I got some great feedback from those that I talked to about the night. Big congrats to all the She Says ladies, thanks to Vitmain T for hosting and providing food and drinks and thanks to Emma Sexton for inviting me/us in the first place.

Also for all you budding creative ladies out there you should check out the She Says Golden Stiletto awards two reasons being; it’s amazing and it’s free.