Poor Tom

by emmalikesandwrites

Poor little Tom Daley.
I’m not talking about him missing out on a medal. I’m referring to what happens everytime he is on TV or mentioned by someone. Twitter is then flooded with a tirade of boardy middle aged women practically frothing at the gash over him like a randy gaggle of Dawn Frenchs. Awful thought I think you’ll agree! It’s the stuff nightmares are made of.

To fucking top this off some young cunt trolling his hairless balls off in internetz land does a lewd and vile tweet about Daley letting down his dad! What the fuck Twitter? I know my stream is somewhat choice and I am guilty of tweeting at Micheal Winner asking him to play badminton and saying Chris Packham would totally get it, but neither of them are 18 years old, representing the country or look like they might break at the slightest horrible comment.

When did Twitter become the central point for bullying, trolling and racism? Or am I just totally slow to realising it?
He is eighteen for fuck sake, what was I doing when I was eighteen? Seeing if my hair looked better goth black or goth red and being arrogantly late for college. NOT about to leap 10m off a diving board in front of millions of people.

I mean just LOOK at the related Google searches!

“Tom Daley bulge” – classy, classy stuff there.