Poor Jeff

by emmalikesandwrites

Will be out of a cushy overpaid job and having to join the ranks of badly thought out, middle-aged, rotund pundit sexism when this goes worldwide (as it well should)
Do you like:
Irate/emotionally broken Italians?
Soccer Saturday?

Then this is for you. You don’t need to speak-a the-a Italiano.
Especially good at 4ish and 7 ish mins in.

So Jeff, what will you be doing after you lose your 500k a minute (approx) job at Sky? Well if you ask me you’ll be (humour me if you will) on the radio, booming across loud and clear, featuring such wonderful and frankly groundbreaking tidbits such as:
“Sav in drag” – Dress up Robbie Savage like the lady boy we all know he is and make him roam the streets, bet how long it is till he gets bum raped. Listeners can phone in with a time in minutes.

*Sav seen above waiting to receive Paul Ince’s member.

“Who’s granny is Rooney hanging out the back of this week” – Pretty self explanatory game of guess who. (My money is on Lee Dixon’s)

Crass I know, but that’s football. Sue me.

So then, its Friday. That’s your lot. I’m off to stick my hand up skirts to see if I can get some gusset. Now GET OVER IT. Tatty bye.